From a very young age, Nagina aka MoNae Mayweather had a love for technology and a knack for self-learning. These two attributes would prove to be useful throughout her career. She went from setting the timer on the VCR to HTML coding. In 1999, she made graphics with PC programs on her first computer using scanned photos of her favorite celebrities from magazines. Once she received the internet, MoNae got into blogging - mainly on Xanga. Xanga allowed her to design her own layouts and personalize her blog. This also got her started with basic HTML & CSS coding. It was around this time that her mother bought MoNae her first polaroid camera and the following year she upgraded to a digital camera. She began taking pictures of friends, family and nature, sharpening her skills, as well as making graphics with these photos. At about 15 or 16, MoNae would transition from Xanga to MySpace mainly because more of her friends were on it. MySpace is where her love for graphic and web design would truly blossom. MoNae would strip out the entire MySpace code and replace it with her own. By the time she was finished, it no longer looked like MySpace. In 2007, MoNae would go away to college only to realize that it wasn't the place for her. Upon arriving home she landed a job working with kids, which she would do for 4 years. The last two years she taught 9 through 12 year olds photography and basic graphic design. 2008 was a pivotal year for MoNae. She decided that she wanted to make photography her career so she saved up some money to purchase a high end point and shoot. Her love of music led her to taking pictures of artists. She kept in touch with a few people who did music in high school and started shooting their head shots. Learning how to edit these photos was an inevitable step along her journey. Doing photography and graphic design for local artists and social media allowed MoNae to meet more people. As she promoted her work, mainly on social media, she began building clientele, meeting more artists and gaining more opportunities. In 2009, she got involved with a local company to shoot music showcases and parties. In 2011, she landed an internship with two celebrity Photographers. She would assist them inside of a photo studio and learned much about using lights & other equipment while shooting. In 2013, she worked at an AD agency as the Junior Community Manager and Graphic Designer, which enhanced her graphic designing abilities and her social media marketing skills. This same year she would meet an independent Hip Hop artist named Mic Blaque. She became the Creative Director for his project, Respect The Cool and helped to enhance his branding skills. After a year of success she would decide to go into business with him, creating Respect The Cool LLC which houses other artists who she also works with. In addition to starting a business of her own and going into ventures with Mic Blaque, MoNae freelances for Republic Records a division of Universal Music Group. She's done work for artists such as The Weeknd, Jessie J, Zendaya, Sage The Gemini, Drake, Post Malone, Natalie La Rose, Tyga, Ariana Grande and DNCE, which can be found on Vevo, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. The future's looking bright and there is no limit as to how far MoNae will go.

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I'm a freelance artist specializing in photography, graphic design, web design, creative direction and brand management. I have a very strong eye for detail & love meeting new people.