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  • Website developing
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  • SEO
  • Python
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Simply Lion is a web design, development, and management group that brings your dreams of connecting with your customers via the internet a reality. We have years of experience through freelancing. HTML, PHP, CSS, Python, C, and SQL are just some of our skill set. We also specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), E-commerce, and M-commerce. We will build your dream website fast while still keeping it functional. Building a website can be a costly and time consuming task to take on. Our team of experienced web designers at Simply Lion will design and develop a bespoke website in a cost effective and timely manner for your specific needs. At Simply Lion, it is our mission to bring businesses, no matter how small or large, closer to their customers through internet marketing. Whether you need an online store (eCommerce, mCommerce, etc.), a one pager, or a large scale project, our dedicated staff will help you achieve exactly what you need. Each year it becomes more difficult for small local businesses to compete with larger chains and corporations such as Walmart. However, by expanding their customer base through methods such as web marketing, small businesses have a higher chance at becoming a successful. Our price varies depending on the size and time of a project, with prices starting as low as $20. Please text or email us with details of what you need so we can give you as accurate of an estimate as possible.