To whom it may concern, It is my honor to recommend Milo Mottola. In his years here at Geoff Howell Studio, he has created some of the things in which I am most proud. He has consummate knowledge in materials, smart and fast ways to produce beautiful things, and I know deep in my heart that we have barely scratched the surface of his brilliance. Sadly there has not been much call over the years for awesome things for clients. Besides the normal daily grind of carpentry, tight deadlines, crate building, etc, any special job that came our way was always given to Milo. His addition to the team always made me feel I was blessed with a highly skilled and idiosyncratic genius. He has my utmost respect. Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me with any questions, Geoff Howell President and Creative Director Geoff Howell Studio, Inc. 47-07 32nd Place Long Island City, New York 11101 212-366-0567

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To whom it may concern: I am a Cooper Union graduate with extensive experience in Display Fabrication. I have Ten-plus years devoted to Museum Display Fabrication. I have Ten-plus years invested in Luxury Brand Display Fabrication. I am presently a full-time freelancer with Geoff Howell Studio. Thank-you for considering me as a potential member of your team. Milo Mottola