You are reading about a very laid back, easy going woman who has faced many struggles in life. I still stand tall and strong overcoming these obstacles. I love making people laugh, smile, and feel good about themselves. Life is too short not to enjoy it or dwell over things out of your control. Smile! It makes people wonder about you. lol

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Good day my fellow humans. My name is Michelle and I love writing. This is something I do as a hobby, but would not object to earning some money off of it. I am currently working on writing children's books just for fun. Maybe, hopefully, turn it into a best seller some day. During my few college miles, I have participated on the college newspaper/journal interviewing and writing articles for them. I found myself enjoying spending what time I had available between studies and classes being a part of a great writing crew. I look forward to the opportunity of sharing my skills and knowledge through this community. Till then, break a leg. Oh, wait wrong career. This is writing, not acting. LOL.