A little about myself. My name is Michael Foster, I am 31 years old and I live in Washington DC. I was concieved in Colorado, born in Adana (Turkey), raised in Indiana, and have lived and worked in Indianapolis, Cleveland, and DC (twice). I graduated from Ball State University (Dave Lettermanʼs College), with a BFA in Visual Communications Design. I started college as a Computer Science major, so I am one of the few designers with Calculus on their transcripts. After switching majors from Computer Science to Music Tech, I finally settled on Graphic Design. The world of Art was brand new to me at age 22, and I fell in love and soaked up as much as I could. Tried every medium I could and learned as much as I could from the artists around me. I excelled at drawing after pushing myself to match the abilities of my peers. Besides fine art, I was lucky to have found Fred Bowers, who is the head of the Design Department at Ball State. He studied at Cranbrook University and taught me clean design. He focused on the rules and relationships of traditional design. Heavy focus on typography, layout, and image. The major allows for 35 students per year due to limited faculty, so there are portfolio reviews and weed-out classes to ensure the designers will come out top quality. I started working at a printing press my junior year of college, I continued to work there as an in-house designer and pre-press tech for another year past graduation. In my time as a designer I have found myself working in many different industries. I started with a printing press that makes lottery tickets and event tickets, then I worked for a signage company as a screen printer, then as a graphic designer/sales rep for a website that sold guitars, then I found a niche in the digital print industry as a graphic designer and production specialist. The sign shops that I work for introduced me to a whole world of substrates and printing processes, as well as routing/cutting/engraving processes. After years of experience, I now have the knowledge to be able to teach, train, and instruct designers and production workers to be able to create finished products and designs from customer ideas.

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