I am: •Punctual •Responsible •Energetic •Hard-working •Intelligent •Easygoing •(Told that I’m) Funny •Strong; happy to help with setting up/breaking things down •A natural born leader •Great with kids!! I could go on and on about myself but I’d much rather you ask me questions, get to know me and even more so... LET ME MAKE YOU GLAD YOU HIRED ME!! 🤗

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My resume

  • Bartending
  • Catering
  • Event planning
  • Performing artist
  • Retouching
  • Waiter
  • Pet photography
  • Actor
  • Event bartending
  • Receptionist
  • Event decorating
  • Clown
  • Body painting
  • Face painting
  • Event managing
  • Writing
  • Writing

My energy and willingness to succeed and create-not just experience-happiness, a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction in all those who involve themselves with me and my life is unmatched by anyone! I can bring a smile to the face of the saddest person whether in person or in writing, calm a crying baby, soften up a scary animal or just bring the fun to ANY place!! I’m the life of the party!!  My goal is to make the world a better place by being the prime example; the epitome, of the good guy, that one face people don’t forget. 

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