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I am a passionate freelance writer who specializes in all things educational. Starting off as a tutor, I feel nothing but joy and happiness when I can help a young person achieve their academic goals, no matter what they are. I've revised papers as a writing course assistant, developed test content for a tutoring company, written self-help (school related) young adult textbooks for distribution across the U.S., and worked one on one with college and high school students on their papers. My life has rewarded me with endless opportunities to pass on my gifts to students of any age: my passion for ideas, learning, and academic achievement, and my talent for the written word. Here are some projects that I'm your best option for: * Academic Writing. I've edited everything from a second grader's paper on her favorite lunch to a dissertation on the contradictions of Western feminism in the Middle East: seriously, if it has anything to do with school, I've done it all. Whether you're in the first stages of writing or you need your paper proofread and revised, I'll be the one to set you up for success. * Educational/Student Life/Productivity Articles. As a former copywriter at a digital marketing agency, I've built up a lot of knowledge of SEO and Google analytics. Now when I write articles concerning education, self improvement, psychology, and productivity, I know they'll be at the top of the charts. I've written blog posts (600-1,000 words) on these topics for Varsity Tutors, First Page Sage, and Copify. * Tutoring. Tutoring is one of my favorite things to do. I'm blessed with a love for writing AND people (not as common as you might think...). Experience? Well, I was a department tutor for almost two years, an active tutor for Varsity Tutors for a year, and still continue to tutor privately. I also offer incredibly competitive pricing, especially for the quality of services I provide. Any of this anything you need? I enjoy human contact. Contact me.