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  • Wine & Design.
  • Wine & Design
  • Photography
  • Photography
  • Branding

Hi. I'm Megan. My friends have always called me MC. I fell in love with film photography in ninth grade. One day, I casually signed one of my pieces "MC Harrell" - you know, just to try it out. My beloved teacher Mr. Cooley jovially noted, "Oh, like MC Escher!" "No," I replied. "Like MC Hammer." A mere 15 years later, people still call me MC, I am still in love with photography - and even more in love with design. I believe that design so greatly transcends making attractive things. Design is a passion, a lifestyle, and an often unspoken - but universal language. From the most homegrown and simplistic brands, to the freeway road signs, to new, cutting edge and innovative products - when done well, design is the language that so effortlessly allows us to engage with the things we love in the world around us.