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  • guitar
  • tutoring
  • drawing
  • writing
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  • Programming
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  • Web design
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Hello. My name is Matthew Williamson. I am a college student currently on leave, but still looking for opportunities for work experience and resume building. My current career goal is teaching, and I already have experience teaching in mathematics, ballroom dance, and even one-time lectures. However, I do also have other skills that I've long considered hobbies, but would not be opposed to turning into jobs or careers. These include programming (C++), web design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), creative writing, electrical and classical guitar, and pencil drawing. I don't have reliable access to transportation at the moment, so I prefer online work, but I can still try to accommodate in-person requests. If any of my skills interest you, please contact me with your information/requests. Thank you for taking the time to read.