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To whom this concerns, I'd like to introduce myself to this company and begin with my name which is Mathew Braciszewski, but I prefer to go by just simply Mat. Over the last six years, I have had the pleasure of enjoying the restaurant hospitality industry and all of it's glory that it has provided me. At this point in my life, I am certain THIS INDUSTRY is one I want to make my own. From Italian to Fast-casual to a Mediterranean food concept, the food service industry excites me. The excitement I feel towards granting guests a temporary vacation for an hour or two in the hopes to keep them recurring liberates me. I have one of the most exciting things is my passion for great quality service providing internal business success. A small rule I love to live by adds to the concept that the guest is always right but is elevated and more specific to the guest's satisfaction. This includes doing anything in reason within ethical consideration to provide that guest with an experience that qualifies them as unique and imperative to my day. In realizing my path in life which revolves around the nearby communities, my educational path really seemed quite simple to decide. Instead of going for a degree that is over-saturated in recipients fighting for the same job afterward, why not strengthen what I already know and fine tune my abilities? The wealth of knowledge and willingness to success and openness to other's perspective allows me to become one of the most potentially successful business operators of this questionable millennial generation that is coming to fruition. I would be pleased at this moment to bring about a new challenge to my life, one that will create a positive effect and addition to my ever expanding growth. Is this you? Let's set up an interview and find out! Warm regards, Mat 267-632-2928