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I am a person with an interest in everything. There is nothing that I set out to do that I will not give my all to accomplish. I have a natural ability with language and vocabulary. I can establish whether or not a piece is efficiently accurate or even if it's tempo is pleasing to the reader. I respect and love the written word, therefore am well suited to proof read the work of anyone who may benefit from a second pair of eyes. Not only am I qualified to check for grammatical and spelling errors, if given the idea of a piece I can then read it and comprehend whether or not the desired quality is apparent to the reader, isolating any obstacles to the effect intended by the writer. I have a background in the service industry, caregiving, construction work, and extensive volunteer work. I excelled through out my secular education and have been adaptable and successful in anything I have tried. I am eager to now pursue something that I love, time spent in written communication of thought. I hope we can enjoy working together.