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  • Brand development
  • Marketing
  • Singing
  • Event managing
  • PR
  • Floor installation
  • Branding
  • Event managing

I'm an “indie.” That's not from any careful thought or to be trendy ... although I may well have ridden some trends throughout my time. My career path began in NYC. I moved there after graduating from college with a degree in mass communications intending to make my mark in the agency world. In my spare time, I started following bands I liked who played in clubs I went to .... and they started paying me to help them out. I took the leap to self-employment after quickly realizing my aim wasn't to ascend the agency ladder, although I enjoy working with talented teams of creatives. Since then I've been on the ground floor of the creative process with many known developing and established brands, creating a track record of results in social network marketing, public relations, and independent production. Ask me about my first co-production for a vlog that I shot for 1K in 2006. Ask me about releasing "Schizophrenology" by indie rock cult band The Majestic Twelve in the same year for free for download based on lead singer Kenyata Sullivan's inspiration (it worked out well). Since then I've expanded my knowledge and experience in live performance/production/event booking and talent management. Sometimes my projects are with teams of industry peers and heroes and sometimes my projects are on a shoestring and a lot of passion! Either way, working interdependently in this way has offered me the ability to choose. My work & interests are currently focused on the possibilities available to scale an emerging brand to a global audience through the expansiveness of the digital space. I define "digital space" as social networks, digital networks, streaming sites, apps, blogs, virtual reality, and cooperative business models that use mobile apps. I believe it is necessary for businesses of the future to build true brand equity through an influential online presence and sincere dialogue with their audiences.