I'm a loving, caring, devoted person that strives for the greatest. I know it's just in me to take care of people either it's babies, geriatrics, mental illness I did it all. I'm 26 years old with 8 years of experience working with and taking care of people. I want family members to have a sense of security that they will be taken cared of.

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  • Nurse
  • Lifting

I have been a certified nurses assistant for the past 8 years. I have experience in Alzheimer's, mental illness, trachea, rehabilitation, long term care, hospice, dementia etc. I have used a hoyer lift, sit to stand, which is the equipment I used to transfer residents. I love and respect what I do. I have been taking care of people since I was a little girl, which started off with my elderly sick parents. Since then my heart has been dedicated to making residents feel as comfortable just like how I made my parents feel on there last days on this earth. If I can make any of my residents feel like that then I know I did my job.