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About myself I am a native French-Spanish speaker, I lived in Europe as a child and born in South America. After I finished High School I decided to pursue English as a major, I applied to several colleges and was fortunate to be admitted to the National University in Bogota. After completing the required prerequisites to be considered bilingual I continued my studies in Economics at the National University. Due to my interest in International law I also applied to Tadeo University to pursue International Relations and Law. Although my initial idea was to choose one of the two majors Economics or International law, after much determination and effort, I finished both majors. As a result, I completed one BA in Economics and another BA in International Relations in 1998. Many of the books required for the above mentioned majors were written in French and English. At the National University at the Economics faculty at age 22 I was selected to be a teacher assistant to instruct the students coming from several majors (Sociology, Social Work and Social Administration); the subject of Fundamentals of Economic Thought. Most of these students were eclectic, elder and from different cultures holding different beliefs. This was my very first experience as a college teacher and a very challenging task. At the end we both learned from each other, it was one of the most rewarding experiences during my professional life. I came to the United States in 1996 and I decided to continue with my language studies French in this case at Dickinson College in PA. Later, I finished a Masters in Spanish Language at Millersville University, PA. As I finished my Masters in Languages, I was qualified to continue with my teaching in the US High School, Middle School, College levels. All of the above mentioned opportunities, helped me to grow a special ability to sense and work with students with different backgrounds, circumstances and with teaching technologies implemented in the different educational sites. I learned to implement several methodologies according to the language level, specific topic being taught, students’ academic background, ages and course goals. An outstanding language teacher is able to communicate in the foreign and native language concisely with proper semantics and phonetics. Vocabulary enrichment is extremely important and is usually the result of a teacher’s exposure to the foreign language. As a native Spanish and French speaker I focus on helping my students to lose fear towards the sentence formation and on facilitating the students’ practice of the language in a creativity-friendly environment. An outstanding language teacher is a role model to all students and is able to influence students not only a college but within the community as well. I would say in general the most important qualities of a successful teacher are passion, leadership, classroom management, and content knowledge.