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  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Janitorial
  • Floor installation

Hiring Manager: I am excited to apply for employment with your organization. My background in Janitorial work combined with my good communication skills would enable me to contribute to your organization. As required, some of my attributes include: • Hands-on experience in cleaning up the assigned area and removing trash • Able to perform floor cleaning; by means of brooms, dust mops, vacuuming, stripping & waxing and mopping • Well versed in using sanitization chemicals safely and operating floor scrubber machine efficiently • Demonstrated ability to follow directions from supervisor • Reliable and organized with neat appearance • Proficient in problem-solving • Capable of working with others My skills coupled with my enthusiasm to become a part of your organization makes me a perfect candidate for Janitorial position. I look forward to discussing my skills and qualification with you further in-person. You can reach me by phone 6462368858 or by email at