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  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Math tutoring
  • Painting
  • Tutoring
  • Painting
  • Home cleaning

Hi there! House cleaner/organizer, math tutor, portraitist. I'm great at cleaning and organizing. I enjoy it! I feel my specialty would be the organizing part, having grown up in a hoarding household. I'm very good at cutting through clutter. I know how stressful messes can be, so hey! Take that pressure off. Friends back home used to invite me over to clean their places. Good times. I also love cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. I cleaned a microwave for fun a few weeks ago. I'm also a decent math tutor. Or biology. Or chemistry. Or art history. Math did not come to me intuitively as a kid, but I've gotten through calculus 3. I guess you could say I specialize in explaining concepts to math anxious people! Also I'm an artist. I specialize in portraiture. It takes me about twenty minutes to do a quick bust portrait in charcoal, I'm also well versed in acrylic. However, I enjoy painting landscapes, still lives, plastic dinosaurs, abstracts, you name it. Pretty much if you need something painted, or sketched, ect, I've got the skills and the time!