My resume

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  • creative writing
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  • Yoga
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  • Writing
  • Journalist

I'm Lindsay, and I'm a 37-year old writer. I am a blogger, journalist, creative writer, and I am a whiz at compelling content and copy across many social media platforms. I enjoy teaching others through my writing, and using it as a chance to share wisdom and experience. I am a highly skilled and efficient writer, and I have the rare talent of being able to switch between creative brilliance and strategic, critical, analytic, and systematic thinking. I'm a problem solver and a go getter who takes initiative when tasks need doing. The words, "that's not my job," are a blaspheme to me. I believe in doing work to make a living that aligns with my values and belief systems. I am goal oriented and driven, and I believe we have power over our own lives. Change starts within us. When I put my mind to something, I succeed. This is due to hard work, and I believe in working and living life to the fullest. I enjoy nature, family time with my husband and dogs, yoga, meditation, coffee, and spreading good in the world.