I am a part time Program Specialist for a Non Profit organization. This is such a rewarding position. In my spare time I love to bike, walk, ski, volunteer, draw, read, knit, travel and much more!

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  • Cat care
  • Dog care

Hello, I am extremely reliable, caring and loving to all animals. I have a “way” with them. I have always loved, respected and so enjoyed and have so much fun with dogs and cats and their wonderful spirits. I am so interested in helping you with your dog, cat or birds! I have had cats for 14 years and love their different personalities. I used to raise White Shepherds for many years when I lived in Vermont , am very knowledgeable about dogs (even have performed the Heimlich maneuver successfully for a dog when I was taking care of a client’s dog in the past!) YEAH! I have also given injections to cats who needed their diabetes shots. I have outstanding references taking care of dogs and cats and would be happy to provide them to you… It is so important-I know that I was very picky when I needed care for my dogs, puppies and cats when needed.