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My passion is life coaching. After studying psychology at McGill University and Harvard, I have taken all the tools offered by social psychology research and adapted them to improve the learning experience for my clients. At Harvard, I have studied lifestyle medicine under Dr. Elizabeth Frates, adult development and the Immunity to Change process under Dr. Robert Kegan, and elementary psychoanalysis under Dr. Wynn Schwartz. At McGill University I found my passion for goal-setting coaching under Dr. Richard Koestner, and have been using related research in my professional life to great effect. I currently offer life coaching, weight loss coaching, and how to prepare healthy meals, but will be adding more coaching options in 2017. While originally a life coach, I have had more and more clients requesting weight loss plans and therefore have built a fool-proof coaching structure to help people reach their weight loss goals. Each client's needs are different and I am skilled at tailoring my plans to the unique motivations and mental barriers of the individual. My philosophy is that our minds are more powerful than we give them credit for. My weight loss coaching plan is built around discovering and breaking down your mental barriers. I am NOT a personal trainer, nor a nutritionist. I have studied the human mind extensively and I can help you achieve all your goals with the tools you already have in you, without assigning you to exercise or meal plans. Life coaching is a larger endeavor, and as such requires more time. Weight loss may be just one of your life goals, so I recommend that if your health is not your only concern, that you try a life coaching session with me first. Nothing exists in a vacuum - if your life is not what you want it to be, it will be difficult to have the health you're dreaming of. I sincerely look forward to working with you.