Sorry. I'm not a client, I'm provider. How do I get out of this?

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Hi. I'm a journalist of the old school, where the motto and modus operandi were, in the words of Joe Friday, “just the facts, Ma’am.” In a career spanning three decades and four continents, I have reported and edited copy on just about every kind of event under the sun, from local council meetings to global politics, to film festivals, to natural disasters, to wars. My credits include staff jobs at: • AP – Harrisburg, New York, Cambodia • UPI – New York • ABC News – Cambodia • NYT News Service – New York • Australian Woman’s Day magazine – Sydney • The Australian magazine – Sydney • Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney • Evening Bulletin – Philadelphia • Reuters – New York • – New York I can do for you what I did for them: • Cover news and staged events • Write stories that grab and hold the reader’s attention • Fact-check, correct, and edit copy • Supervise, train and mentor staff • Write and doctor scripts By the way, I also write and edit fiction. See ya.