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Hello there, I'm one of those bleeding heart humans trying to make the world a better place while I'm here. I went to business school to answer all of my own questions about why capitalism is and literally incompatible with humanity over the long term. In the decade since, I've underwritten commercial debt, helped companies prepare financial statements and valuations for debt and equity funding. Most recently, I helped a large non-profit start a subsidiary LLC. If you're running a business, I can help you with managing bank relationships, consult with you on business strategy and operations, or help you get your books in order. If you're looking to grow your business, I'm adept at industry research and market news. As a voracious consumer of informations, I can help you wrap your brain around everything from derivatives to barriers to entry in global and emerging markets. As a queer black person, I'm not interested in working for large organizations that perpetuate the status quo. That's why I'm out here freelancing. In my sparetime, I read, practice coding, and help my neighbors start businesses of their own. If you're like me, trying to make a positive impact in the world, I'm here to help you.