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My resume

  • Plant watering
  • Dog care
  • Cat trimming
  • Cat care
  • House cleaning
  • Dog walking
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Dog trimming

My skills are: taking care of cats and dogs. I use to work at Hayfield animal hospital and McLean animal hospital. I walk dogs, give food and water,bathe cat and dog,clean ears of cat and dogs,trim nails of cat and dogs, not afraid of any breed, and I show lots of affection to pets. Right now I own a parakeet and rabbit. My other skill is customer service, working with people. I'm also good with computers and data entry. My other skill is general housekeeping. Sweeping,dusting, moping, taking out trash,cleaning wooden surfaces, cleaning bathroom,vaccuming and water and dry house plants, I worked for Bell Nursery 3 yrs! Thanks for reading