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Hi there! I am freelance tutor, educator, and/or personal cheerleader at your service. As a self-motivated student from a young age, I began to develop critical thinking skills along with acute study regiments for myself. Eventually with great organization and commitment to the work at hand, my fellow peers always came to me for help! With these primary skills, I have had years of opportunities to encourage, teach, and work along side with several age ranges in multiple settings. My expertise of teaching revolves around the technical: operations management, staff training, IRS/FTB/EDD audit and tax assistance, bookkeeping, primary school to high school tutoring, Japanese language, and Music -- to the non-technical: biblical studies, interpersonal/intrapersonal development, and education/career mentoring. Although this list may be limited, I am a quick-study, diligent and tenacious. I focus on being able to provide insightful tools and avenues to achieve the results you desire catered to your learning style. Not only will you recieve help to understand the material, I encourage you to develop personal methods and become self-sufficient, self-directed and self-aware. And as the common saying goes: "Practice what you preach!" After 5 years in the number crunching game, I am proud to be a Human Development student. Currently working toward a Certificate of Proficiency to become an Early Childhood Assistant Teacher, I fully intend to continue my education to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Thank you for considering my services; every opportunity to teach is an opportunity to reach!