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I am capable and experienced in several areas. I would state at the outset my preference is to empower a client to deal with and resolve issues on their own. To me, technical training is really about a way to think and approach technology than it is about any particular kind of hardware or specific software. I try to teach this as much as possible - I find if a client feels more capable their experience with tech is much more satisfying. First and foremost I am a technician - there are few tech problems that cannot be solved with basic tech trouble shooting skills, if I come across a problem or issue I am unable to resolve I know where and when to bring in a specialist. Most end user computer issues, hand held devices, printing and internet issues I am able to resolve and put a client in better position through training or hardware/software changes so they don't have to deal with this problem again. I am a pro photographer and image tech - I assist photographers and other image professionals with a range of tech issues. I have extensive Epson wide format printing experience. As a consultant doing studio and workflow set up and training, I have experience with ecomm vendors desiring their own in house product photo set up and pro photographers needing hardware/software suggestions and implementation.