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The skills I have developed and learned working for just about the last 30 years are both interpersonal and technical. I've been in every position from sales to cook to every aspect of construction as well as working as a tech for the phone company and also a writer for AT&T. My main two jobs in the last 20plus years are bar tending, and for the past 17 years I've been a teacher. Teaching has prepared me for almost any type of technical assignment. After using various types of machines, from simple copiers to complex projectors and boards, I have worked with almost every type of device you can connect to a computer. However, what I believe is my strongest asset is my ability to communicate and read people. Working with other humans for so many years, along with taking many psychology and biology classes, has given me a greater understanding of mankind, and made me great at the most important job I have which is a father. The last thing I would like to add is my loyalty and trustworthiness. I held s job in a popular successful restaurant as bartender, where I handled the money for the entire restaurant? And held the job for nine years until I gave it up to focus on teaching full time. Throughout those nine years, close to every other person that held my position was fired for some untrustworthy action or another. The other quality is my loyalty and longevity. I have held the same job in the same place for 17 years now which is tare fir someone my age. I also hold a third degree black belt in karate which I've also dedicated the last 16 plus years to attain. I know that I am able to adapt to almost any position I'm given and I do not give up on any task I'm assigned. I have documents to back up all of the information I've given and hope you enjoyed reading my story. Thanks. K. Graham