I am a 50 year old administrative freelancer with 25+ years of experience. I have owned my own business in between career choices and have decided to try again to work for myself. I am disciplined, thorough and somewhat of a perfectionist. I will not stop trying to get it right and that is if it's wrong in the first place. I have earned two degrees in the field of Information Systems Mgmt. (BS and MS). I have a wide array of skills and it really depends on your needs. Turn-around time will depend on type and size of project. I have the time to invest in your project but must warn you that depending on the type and size of project an advance partial payment may be necessary. Don't delay; get started on your project with me today.

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I am educated, thorough, and passionate about any projects that I work on and the same goes for anyone helping me. I earned two degrees in Information Systems Mgmt. (BS: Potomac College - NW DC; MS: University of Phoenix - Arizona).