ASCAP Writer & Publisher SAG/AFTRA Member I have been in the entertainment industry for over 15 years and within that time I have been able to work with A list industry nobles. Within my arsenal, I have musical content that can be shared with other artists in need. I am able to staff write, produce, engineer, vocal coach and style any artist in need. I can be a very good asset to any artist management firm in need. I am vocally trained in speech level singing through Seth Riggs and am able to translate that training over to any artist in need. Reach out to me.

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As a Human in this world, we are responsible for each other. I offer my services in any capacity that benefits another. With an understanding of the importance and influence of music, I offer compassionate, thought provoking and emotionally stirring musical compositions and storyline. As an artist, I offer my voice, lyrical abilities and production. As an engineer, I offer sound mixing and recording, As a Vocal coach, I offer vocal styling and vocal understanding. As a writer, I offer stories and subject matters that matter in todays society. With a surplus of recorded material and an untapped well of music yet to be created, I offer myself as an asset to any who see value in what I am able to offer. I am an ASCAP writer and publisher, an active National Academy Of Song Writers member as well as a SAG/ AFTRA member. Some of my creations can be heard at