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  • Real estate agent
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  • Real estate agent
  • Songwriting
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My name is Karlton Little and I'm a songwriter and performer currently honing my professional talents as a real estate agent, marketing consultant, administrative assistant, and customer driven service provider. Over the years, I have worked in a lot of positions that required customer interaction, however, my passion has ultimately been in creating customer connections. Finding creative ways to engage customers and inspire them to action has always been my dream. This has been true in my years as a performer, and it has been true in my career as a business professional. The main difference is this: to actually connect with a customer rather than simply interact with them, there must be a deeper understanding of what evokes the greatest feelings in them. This spans a broad spectrum of feelings from love and family, to sadness and isolation, to hope and elation. It's the difference between a Q&A session and a conversation. It's the difference between a conversation and a hug. It's the difference between merely advertising to a demographic, and marketing to your customers. I am available for any number of creative and administrative opportunities. Don't hesitate to reach out to me. Let's have more than a mere interaction. Let's make a connection. Let's have a conversation!