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Kalomera has a deep and profound love for sports and started her career as a D1 athlete. Yoga found Kalomera Marie after many injuries and two major surgeries relating to her hip and ankle. From there she found an appreciation and love of the yoga practice. After her two major surgeries and being told she would never be able to partake in athletics again, she knew she had to find another way. Yoga. From the start, she rehabilitated herself through the yogic philosophies and found her way back to the field and has even started to compete in Triathlons. She is inspired to help everyone through the yogic philosophies and is a firm believer that everything is possible. "Yoga is not only a method to heal the body but it can heal the mind." "I've seen it work in myself and so many others and I'm beyond honored to have the ability to share the gift of Yoga with others." Kalomera Marie is an Ayurvedic Wellness & Lifestyle Counselor and, a 200 RYT Private Yoga Instructor.