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“Where’s Kaleigh?” “Probably reading in the bathtub, again.” This was a common theme of my childhood. What can I say? I’m a lady of luxury. Reading has always been my escape. The day I learned to read was the day the world changed from black and white to color. Everywhere I went a book went with me. I would spend hours at the library choosing the three books my parents would let me check out for the week. But three was never enough. I would read them over and over during the seven days they were mine. I flourished in school where others fell behind. I could write essays on anything. I could write essays on books I never read. There wasn’t anything I couldn’t write about. I have most recently used my love of writing creating content for BUST Magazine, where I gained experience in proofreading, blog editing, and content production. I hope to continue using my skills to engage with others and create interesting content.