• 16 years in software design and development. • 5 years in web design and development. • Skilled in graphic design, web design, software design, and game design.

Languages: English
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  • SEO
  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • Branding
  • Marketing

My name is Justin Leingang. I'm one of a two-man power team called BLVCK DIVMOND (https://www.blvckdivmond.com). We excel at web design, SEO, brand design, and marketing. As a two-man team, we are able to dedicate 100% of our time and focus to your project -- you will never have to worry about being just one of a hundred other projects assigned to whomever is available to do the work. Our two-man dynamic also allows us to fully collaborate and communicate, to strengthen every area of the work. And best of all, we come at way-better-than-competitive prices, due to our low overhead -- and you still get top-of-the-line results. I have been working in software development, graphic design, and web design for over fifteen years; while the other half, Grant Leingang, has been at it for over five years. With our combined experience, your project will be managed perfectly and delivered when you need it to be. Our passion is launching your business to the stars -- and we will do that for you. Get in touch, we'd love to chat about taking on your project!