CREDITS and ACCOMPLISHMENTS: (*completed video-film, writer-producer) –eight 20-min. educational videos on agricultural topics for Cal Poly San Luis Obispo State University; four 60-min. videos on tourism, wine-industry and the arts for Digital West Video Productions; 30-min. video on local surf-board and surfing culture for Tom Anthony Productions; ‘Allegheny Sunset’, 90-min feature film (HD video); ‘Ex$pendable’, 90-min. feature film (HD video) for Tough Struggle Films; ‘Mahanwe: the Virgin Rape Myth’, for CIFKIDS, documentary, 90-min.; ‘Grounded!’, 90-min feature film (HD video) for Tom Luong Films; ‘The Tom Luong Independent Film Hour-of-Destiny’, six-hours of Live Netcast talk-show (,with co-host Lisa Retenour. (*produced stage-plays, writer) –‘My Dentist is an Android’, and ‘The Deer in the Valley’ , San Francisco African American Stage-Play Festival (90-min); ‘Can I Rap For You, Lord?’, San Diego Kwanzaa Festival. (*available books and novels) ‘Mars Outpost: Surviving Tharsis Montes’, science-fiction, eBook on, 150,000 words; ‘The Jupiter Scam: Cid Bixi Mimim’, science-fiction, 150,000 words; ‘The Gentle Journalist’, humorous essays, 90,000 words; ‘The MeekEarth Kids Books’, 80 short children’s books (with Carol Eastman-Phillips); ‘Getting Into the Screenwriting Game to Win’, 20,000-word eBook; ‘The Easy Way to Plot Your Modern Film Story’, 11,000-word eBook; ‘Film Appreciation for Modern Audiences’, 20,000-word eBook; ‘How to Overcome Personal Homelessness’, 11,000-word eBook; ‘Dumped: an Organic Farm Pesticide Disposal Nightmare’, 30,000-word factual research for Edna Valley Farms; ‘Writing for Publication for Young Students’, 20,000-words. (*awards) 1981 Rolling Stone Magazine College Journalism Award for Entertainment Reporting; San Luis Obispo Assistance League Community Award, 2003. (*positions and other) managing editor, ‘The Independent Weekly’, San Jose State University; editor, ’The San Luis Obispo County Gazette’, other work as reporter or editor for ‘The Yorba Linda Star’, ‘The Country News’, ‘The Paso Robles Press’, ‘Premiere Telecard Magazine’, ‘The Telegram Tribune’; radio-news and announcer for KVEC Radio, San Luis Obispo; 30-min audio-drama (produced),science-fiction for Lions Den Studios; research and writer for the Orion Institute (Student World Assembly) and the Monterey County Economic Forecast (Stephen A. Nukes and Associates). Other credits and accomplishments on my website, or see my complete resume. Samples on request. “Our philosophy is peace-ahimsa understanding for the good of all concerned and social cooperation towards a bright and happy future.” -Jp*,Vallejo, CA, April 11, 2013

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Award-winning author, journalist, novelist, film-maker and musician Julian Phillips has created hundreds of successful creative projects for his 'Kuma’s Kitchen; clients, online since 2004. Semi-retired at age 58-years, the writer earned a BA-degree in Journalism-Communications in 1981, and was a paid career-writer since before that. Professional work has included years as a newspaper reporter, editor, freelancing for magazines, radio-news, work writing and producing industrial and educational videos, interviews and moderator-host-MC, and teaching classes. Julian is a fifth-generation Californian and has spent most of his life in San Luis Obispo county, with wife Carol and their son Preston Laverne, recently graduating University in San Francisco. The writer focuses on high-quality, well-researched fact-based journalism styles, and positive dramatic story forms, as entertainment. Please see my complete resume.