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Hi! My name is Judy and I am beyond thrilled to introduce you a team of inspiring Chefs who are currently working at Aureole NYC, Daniel NYC, The Musket Room and etc, which are all Michelin Starred Restaurants in New York City. With a combined experience of ten years, we are a team of dedicated, food loving Chefs, who have graduated from the most elite culinary institution, The Culinary Institute of America (CIA), and have been hands on working with the most notorious Chefs world-wide such as Charlie Palmer and Daniel Boulud. We had this bright idea that fine dining recipes should not be exclusive nor expensive when it comes to being educated about it. Don't get me wrong, the skills acquired comes with much practice and ambition, but it should be an accessible tool for all who are interested! When it comes to education, it should be easy right!?! We think it's a great opportunity for us to offer Work Shops in different cuisines that we have mastered from Italian, French, Meat, Fish, Chinese, Taiwanese Thai, Korean and DESSERTS! :) (and beyond - ie. Temple Food (TWO thumbs up to Chef's Table season 3) ! we take requests!) Please do not hesitate to ask us questions! We are much looking forward to them! :) & We WANT to share our passion with you! LOVE JUDY