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  • Academic writing
  • Musician
  • Fiction writing
  • Writing
  • Writing
  • Guitar lessons
  • Guitarist

I have a range of both creative and administrative skills, and I'm looking for interesting and stimulating work in any related fields. I'm an avid writer with strong research skills. My strength is academic/non-fiction, but I am flexible and can write about a variety of topics. I'm very good with deadlines and will provide writing samples if requested. I am also a classically trained pianist/guitarist with over 15 years of musical experience. I offer weekly guitar lessons from beginner to intermediate level players, and accommodate your lessons based on your musical tastes. I have experience as a studio musician as well, so if you are looking for a guitarist I'm more than willing to help! My administrative skills include managing employee payroll, company billing, and scheduling. I have experience working with several medium to large sized companies and found that my organizational skills and detail oriented mindset allowed me to perform at my best. Miscellaneous Skills: Very Proficient Typist ( 80 wpm) Conversational in Mandarin Chinese Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite