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The Five Laws of Light Novel - Fiction A novel consisting of two intertwined novellas. The first story, The Snowy Road to Esperanza, is about an embittered American Indian district attorney returning home to bury his grandfather, a great Sioux Indian Chief. It is there, high atop a stony outcrop overlooking the Great Plains that Justice Reywal must fulfill his destiny. He opens up an ornate mahogany box bequeathed to him by his grandfather. The items inside unleash a torrent of memories that push to the forefront his embattled past. And thus begins a journey into self-discovery and reflection, a journey that is picked up in the second story… Suburban Arrows. Five years after Esperanza, Justice Reywal stands outside the Oklahoma State Penitentiary; awaiting the release of the two Cheyenne men he sent to jail five years earlier for manslaughter. Now an activist for the Native American Nation, Justice faces off against the ruthless Governor of Oklahoma, a devotedly pious man who views it as a great injustice that the two ‘murderers’ have been released on early parole. As the thermometer climbs to record highs in this sun drenched dustbowl, as the orange laterite dust hangs suspended in mid air, as the nation’s press captures the polemic debate on camera, Justice’s past comes back to haunt him. An invisible foe hell-bent on vengeance emerges to destroy Justice’s moment of redemption. The Velocity of Physics - Cable TV Series A two season series (24 episodes) set in South Florida during the summer of 2004. An aging bare-knuckle brawler returns home to care for his ailing mother. In the process he is manipulated into fighting once again for his ex-manager, a ruthless owner of a decrepit salvage yard located along the banks of the dying Miami River. Avarice Ward must face a young, brash marine named Coby Cantrell. Cantrell has just returned home from a one year tour of Iraq, where he took part in the historic rescue mission that saved Jessica Lynch. Cantrell is a master of all fighting techniques, able to emulate any boxer in history, the punches that boxer threw, the set-ups in the ring, the knockouts he landed. He is a wraith in the ring, as fluid as water and as shifty as the desert sands. Avarice Ward is no match for the young up and comer. He knows it. Yet like all over the hill fighters, he wants to prove to everyone-as well as himself- that he has one last fight inside him. The story incorporates elements from South Florida’s colorful history. Characters from all walks of life walk the tenuous line of corruption and vice: drug dealers, dirty cops and politicians, the greed of the city’s forefathers as they try for a desperate land grab of all property along the river--including the aforementioned Indio Sky Salvage Yard--so they can rake in millions in illicit funds during the real estate bubble that hit much of the US during this time period. The Marvel Method - Full length Movie Script A cynical comic book artist with a penchant for villains is ordered by his editor to create anew superhero for the masses. Forced to confront his inner demons, he struggles mightily until the editor’s niece, a young, idealistic Manga artist helps him face up to his dark past--in the process bringing to light the superhero hidden within him. The Marvel Method is American Splendor meets Silver Linings Playbook, with a healthy dose of Sideways serving as an armature. It is a scathing satire-drama about the pervasive, hidden greed of the comic book industry; a greed the general public is largely unaware of. Archer Leigh is an illustrator caught in the corrupt cesspool that is the comic book publishing business. His father, a successful artist during the 80s, once lost the rights to his most venerable character to the owner of Grandstand Comics. The inevitable downward spiral that ensued caused Archer to run away from home at an early age. And there, in the dark shadows of the train yards at Mission Junction, so