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A writer/editor, who has long term goals to become a Renaissance Man. After graduating from Boston College with a Creative Writing concentrated English degree, I cast aside years of "scholarly" pursuits and reached out for a more hands-on life. I have traveled by sea on each coast as a deckhand on both yachts and tall ships. I drove a food truck in NYC and a whitewater rafting shuttle in WY. In my white winters in the Tetons, I operated a ski lift by day and a fryer and cook's station by night. Each of my charges required maintenance and a use of mechanical skills that I was forced to develop. During these years of labor I learned about time and energy, how quickly they are spent. My fiction ebbed and flowed, but persisted. Never once did I doubt my path and I have taken strides of late to stick a little closer to it. I now write "coverages" or reports on prospective screenplays and novels for a talent agency in Los Angeles. I have a writing partner whose short stories I have helped reach online publication and for whom I have now edited two novels. As for my own work, I have had two short stories published and am nearly finished with my first novel. For me, I am at the beginning of my career after many years of apprenticeship. My travels and my labors have taught me about honesty and working earnestly. My studies have provided me the tools with to be of service. In my life and my readings, I have developed a taste that enables me to see trends and value. I believe this experience of mine makes me capable of tackling any task put before me. I am here to help. Hopefully, you will let me prove that. Thank you for even considering it.