I am a professional DJ, drummer, performer, entertainer, and teaching artist. I love to surf, bike, skate, and drum. I use vinyl records and Serato with real turntables to perform. I play drumset, as well as djembe and percussion instruments.

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  • Musician

I have been told my greatest asset is my energy, and I strive to maintain a balanced output of positive vibes, while maintaining my own independence, strength, and drive. I am a musician, performer, teacher, and manager. I have been DJing, drumming, teaching, and managing businesses for over 15 years. I live in Brooklyn, and am always seeking new opportunities to utilize my skills. I have excellent communication skills, great ability to improvise, and also a caring and loyal leader. I am great with children and adults, and am very confident and charismatic. I perform and play gigs regularly, as well as community events. I am a clean-freak, and am very organized with a great attention to detail. I also enjoy the changes in my work schedule, and seek to avoid bad energy and monotony.