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  • Website developing
  • Art lessons
  • Marketing
  • Keyboard lessons
  • Painting
  • Sculptor
  • Guitar lessons
  • Piano lessons

Here is a look at my ministry as it is now: CHRISTIAN ARTS STUDIO: Free guitars and keyboards, free lessons to low income families, the disabled, and wounded veterans. Asking primarily for prayer and emotional support for this cause, as I am starting virtually with nothing, but I know God has a plan. I see it already happening and the good it can do... I ask also for people to donate their skills, for example you could teach free piano lessons on occasion to someone in need. Of course I would have a place to do business in the future, whereas you and other artists don't have to open up your homes unnecessarily. Someone else might be a talented painter.... Or sculptor, or potter... These are potentially therapeutic arts for someone in need. I also will need donations of used or neglected (or new) instruments for me to make available to those who cannot afford it, but want to learn. To skeptics, I hear a voice that it can't be done, how can you give everything for free? I hear the Lord say, "Freely you have received, freely give!" I have been blessed by God with a talent or two and I want to share it and give it away and let the good it can do be multiplied. I think trying to make money or getting paid for it, is a way of saying you already have received your reward. I want to give without expecting anything in return. Those who can afford and want to contribute, let them give to the cause as well. Another big need is partners as I develop this ministry, as any good venture requires collaboration and creative planning. Partners in prayer, in website development, in marketing, in fundraising, in finding a good location and business minded people who could help me get this idea to be sustainable. Surely, any good deed is bound to have obstacles and challenges. There is no problem too big for my God, however, and the power of His people coming together for His Kingdom's sake. I think the central mindset of Christian Arts Studio is of giving, ie, free lessons, free instruments, free instruction and materials.... Helping the less fortunate with a gift that keeps giving, does appear to me to be a worthwhile pursuit.