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In July 2011, I relocated to Marietta, Georgia to assist my uncle with opening a new Marco’s Pizza franchise. Most of the summer leading to our Grand Opening in October 2011, were spent at the franchise location, where we monitored and assisted with building out the unit, ordering and monitoring the installation of equipment, and meeting with and hiring employees. After opening our doors, we spent nearly every hour of operation at the franchise, averaging between 80 – 110 hours weekly – having no perception of time so long as we got the job done. My mother served in the U.S. Army and was awarded the Bronze Star for her efforts in establishing and maintaining two prisoner of war camps during the first Gulf War engagement. Sadly, we lost her to cancer 3 years ago. My father is a retired U.S. Marine and self-employed independent certified paralegal. He is also an emergency response official for the U.S. Small Business Administration and travels frequently around the country and in U.S. jurisdictions abroad, providing support to American citizens affected by catastrophic events. I believe firmly that I carry many of my parents’ attributes including, most importantly, their motivation to succeed. I am a mature and responsible person, respectful of authority, and not afraid of challenges and responsibility. In addition to this I have been studying for and plan to take the A+ certification exam in the next month. If these attributes and character traits meet with your satisfaction, I would be interested in discussing a position with your company.