I've been drawing, painting and creating since age 6. My journey of discovery and knowledge is always fueled with new and exciting materials, techniques and mediums. Teaching what I learn and helping others understand is rewarding. Being a source of inspiration enlightens me and keeps me on a good path. I am looking for projects where I can paint customized portraits and murals for homes and business establishments. Check links below for more examples of my work. Thanks for reading and Have a wonderful day! :)

Languages: Spanish, English
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I knew from a young age I would be an artist. It never occurred to me that I already was at heart. Creating images that bring joy and a feeling of comfort has always been my approach through many years of polishing my skills. I can capture any image and recreate through painting on any surface (paper, canvas, wood, metal, plaster, clay) . I work well in a quiet environment without distractions. Pricing would vary depending on size of painted surface and complexity of subject.