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BE A LAMP, A LIFEBOAT OR A LADDER.... As a resume writer,career coach, educator, and presenter, I help clients reach their career goals. After working as a career development professional for more than 15 years, I've come to understand the paralysis that can set in when beginning a job search. Many of my clients tell of their frustration, fear and tremendous anxiety as they attempt to assess their skill set, strengths and experience. It can be overwhelming, and coupled with trying to write a focused resume that captures all the relative experience can send clients into a death spiral of "analysis paralysis." They procrastinate, research on line or ask for help. I enjoy working one on one and forming an effective working alliance with my clients. Confidence grows as we discover strengths and abilities that help focus the resume on specific industries or job postings. Most people have little idea how many skills and strengths they possess. I assist them in discovering their added value and contributions to an organization. A resume that defines career values, skills and strengths with precisely worded accomplishments gets attention. A detailed resume also creates the foundation for a successful interview. SELLING YOUR BRAND or Money Spent on Interview Prep Will Get You Hired Much Faster!! In an interview, an applicant must be ready to discuss their strengths, accomplishments and how they will help the organization thrive. It is vital that a job candidate be able to answer the dreaded, "So, tell me about yourself." During an interview prep session, a client is prepared to answer this question with a focused response that incorporates job requirements, experience and their skills. It's also important to be able to ask the right questions at the end of the interview, as well. After an interview prep session, clients feel confident; they know what they can offer, know how to discuss their accomplishments and how to ask for the job! They also have a better understanding regarding if the organization is a good fit for them, as well. With just a one hour interview prep session, I am CONFIDENT that you will have a high probability of being offered the job!!! If not, I will give you a free hour of interview preparation to bring you closer to Yes!! As we work together to discuss previous jobs, military experience, accomplishments or relevant educational course work, clients gain in self-confidence as they recognize their many strengths and contributions. The ability to easily discuss skills becomes clearer. Your resume will get results! I also offer a complimentary 20 minute session to answer any questions or concerns a client might have. It's also an opportunity to discover if our relationship is a good fit and can meet your goals.