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  • ashtanga
  • personal trainer
  • vinyasa
  • hoboken
  • yoga
  • primal movement
  • brooklyn
  • physical therapy
  • FRC
  • FMS
  • mobility
  • crossfit
  • flexibility
  • Yoga
  • Yoga instructor
  • Moving

Hey there! I'm Joan, a personal trainer and movement & yoga instructor based out of Hoboken, New Jersey. I've been a movement lover for over 15 years, it's my big love. My goal is to not only get you more comfortable in your own skin, but also to help you be more functional in your day to day life. The hour or two we may spend moving in room together is just that, an hour or two! I dedicate myself to both what happens when we practice and what happens when you walk out that door. I commit to both equally. I want you to feel joy every time you take a step, and appreciate the excellence of just being able to walk effortlessly without pain. Of course, we'll still get you doing your downward dogs and squatting heavy... the best of both worlds; gentle and strong. I hope you'll give yourself a chance to be your best self.