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Hi, I'm Jim Henson, and no, I'm not related to the creator of the Muppets. I have a way with words. Im a screenwriter, a copywriter, and a copy editor who loves empowering people to communicate with their audience for maximum impact. I'm personable, professional, and I offer constructive criticism. I will always start off with the positive things then segue into things in need of improvement. I don't see the world from the same perspective as you do, but I do my best to put myself in your shoes as much as possible. In terms of copywriting, I have written numerous articles for commercial websites and have written many movie reviews. I am someone who will become an expert on any subject and make sure that I'm not plagiarizing anyone's work by putting it through 2-3 plagiarism checkers. I'm great with meeting deadlines and really thrive on exceeding expectations. I have no ego when it comes to my work; my job is to make YOU and your business look amazing. With age comes experience and wisdom, so reach out to me. I'm a lifelong learner, and there's no law against having fun along the way. If I don't make you smile during the process, I haven't done my job of connecting with you in a meaningful way. Along with my copywriting and copy editing experience, I design brochures and flyers. I also love doing WordPress sites and make it as cost efficient as possible without sacrificing quality. So that's it. I'm Jim Henson and I'm here for you. Let's connect and get some work done!