Hey! My name is Jess Williams, and I am a freelancer living in Philadelphia. I have a bachelor's degree in graphic design and have worked in a wide variety of environments, and assisted on a broad spectrum of projects that spanned across all formats of design. I am fluent in the Adobe suite, and have well over 5+ years experience. I work very quickly but always cleanly, and I make sure to deliver work that is highly creative and up to modern design standards. I have worked in many areas of design in both corporate and creative environments. I can lead, and work with a team, always with enthusiasm. It doesn't matter what work there is to do, I simply enjoy the work in front of me, and give it my best.

Languages: English
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  • Marketing
  • Brand development
  • Illustrating
  • Branding
  • Website developing
  • Delivering
  • Graphic design
  • Infographic design

Hello! My name is Jess Williams and I am a graphic designer living in Philadelphia. I am fluent in the adobe suite and have a Bachelor's Degree in graphic design. I have worked in corporate and agency environments, conceptualizing and organizing the execution of large city wide campaigns, as well as worked with printers and media planners, to produce a high volume of marketing collateral as well as OOH projects. I have assisted in the creation of websites for large scale clients, developing their UX/UI logic, and maintaining brand standards. I also possess a wide variety of illustration styles and have worked as an editorial designer, designing layouts for print and digital magazines, as well as producing high quality infographics. I know how to stay organized and in control of deadlines, while maintaining brand standards and delivering high quality work.