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A Jill of all trades, here I offer my favorite two: writing/editing/proofreading While it may be a personal flaw and ruin all my relationships, my perfectionism is a major strength in my writing and editing. I find room for improvement everywhere, but with well-considered, loving, and ACTIONABLE suggestions and fixes. I was so frustrated with a scene from Breaking Bad ("Kafkaesque" Season 3, Episode 9) that I rewrote it as a writing exercise for myself. It's a scene with Skyler and Walt that’s too long, and I would have scrapped it altogether because it wasn’t necessary to tell the story. I guess as I have at least as much hubris as Walter White. My strengths as a writer are creating suspense, love scenes, sensuality and sexuality from a woman’s point of view, and interesting and memorable turns of phrases. While I am a grammar snob I recognize the power our speech and language has when we stray from the rules. audition coaching I’ve been doing it with friends and friends of friends for the past 5 years with some nice success stories. I'm trained in Meisner, Chekhov, Eric Morris and more, and while it may be heresy in the acting world, I believe as actors we should have every tool available to us. First session is free!