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I am a photography graduate it or at the Art Institute of Philadelphia; I came back through readmissions after taking time to heal from death in the famiy. I work well under pressure, even when my photography equipment and work was stolen out my car; still I managed to replace enough photograohs in my portfolio to obtain an outstanding Achievement Award at the Art Institute of Phoadelphia. I don't want to limit my options or categories in photography however I am passionate about documentary photography and fine art photography I'm passionate to just be in the studio from setting up the equipment to actually photoshooting and repositioning subject. One of the reasons I chose to achieve a my own career is to have an option to choose who I would work with. I feed off positive energy; I'm both an extrovert and introvert. I like to be around people who believe in them selves like I do, who want better for themselves like I do, I'm still young but I believe if I surround myself with the right iinfluence; the sky's the limit for me and my career.