Besides my experience in the field of being a barber, I also have expertise in business services, & money making opportunities for all to inquire of. I'm a diligent team player, who like to build with people who have an open mind & are receptive to information to their own benefit. With that said with using this platform I hope to connect with those that want growth, on the other hand you can anticipate that if you partner with me in this $$$$$ making venture you will definitely make bank with minimal effort every day.

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Hi I'm Jason, just to introduce myself, I'm a motivated, young eloquent brotha with multi faceted skills such as hair care barber services. Specializing in all the latest haircuts for men, women, & kids of all hair types. In which I provide convenient on the road barber professional services at reasonable prices for my labor. Feel free to call me to schedule an appointment @ 617-433-7709