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I am a one-stop solution for all of your journalism and public relations needs. I have a degree in business marketing and worked as a b2b sales manager before I decided to pursue my passion for journalism, so I have a unique understanding and appreciation for all facets of business. For the past four years I have been a swiss-army knife of sports journalism. Starting from scratch, I began taking every opportunity to work and learn that I could. "Hey Jason, can you write an article for me... cover a game that starts in two hours... write a 800-word feature... do sports photography... what about broadcast play-by-play or color?" My reply has always emphatically been, "Absolutely!" That mentality has allowed me to become proficient in all aspects of journalism and public relations. From layout and design, to broadcasting and photojournalism, I've done it all and truly enjoy it! Currently I work as a sports editor for a community paper and broadcaster covering predominantly high school and collegiate sports. In addition to writing and editing I have also been the assistant sports information director at the college level. I love both creating and learning something new every day!