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I am a strong, thoughtful and confident writer and talker; ideal for creating and delivering most consumer messages. I deliver complete messages clearly, concisely, precisely and quickly. Whether I am writing Policies & Procedures Manuals for Trading Desks at UBS or research reports for American Express' quarterly earnings, my writing is thorough, yet to the point, which was key for the Financial Services Industry where no one had time to read lengthy documentation or research reports. As the Founder of my own Startup in Palo Alto, I handled all communication materials related to our company, both written and verbal and just as in Equity Research when I used to speak to our sales team and clients daily, my messages were pithy, yet to-the-point. I am dynamic in my ability to cross platforms; I went from a Consultant to the Financial Services Industry to working right on a trading floor. In terms of my work ethos; I am very quick on my feet, passionate and I work well under pressure.