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Jamie-of-all-trades. Writer. Artist. Educator. Always looking to add a new skill set. I do quite a bit of freelance writing, transcribing, and captioning. I can handle tasks as simple as creating standardized responses for your email and as complicated as rewriting your chickenscratch into SEO-focused copy for your small business! If you've already done the writing, let me look over your work. I can correct basic errors in grammar and syntax, edit for length and clarity, or even give your arguments a complete overhaul. I'm also very crafty and create a lot of my own holiday decorations from scratch and could help you with that, as well as the cleaning and organizing that we all struggle with at this time of year. Once upon a time, I was a licensed massage therapist. I tutored other massage therapists, and I'm proud to say that of the people who hired me to tutor them for the national licensing exam, I have a 100% pass rate! And at another time in this short career as a massage therapist, I also created and proctored an educational training program for the chiropractic assistants to pass their licensing exam. I have also tutored math (including that newfangled "Common Core"!) to elementary, high school, and college students. Need to get your kids' some homework help, but don't want to be locked into paying a tutor for the rest of their childhood? Let me give YOU the skills to help them. I promise, you'll find some use for what I have to show you! Just a few weeks ago, I helped a friend pass an exam for crane operator's license. That is to say: it doesn't matter WHAT you want to learn. What matters is knowing HOW to learn. I can help you find strategies that shoehorn what you need to know into your "style" of learning. Make America Smart Again. ;-)